Welcome to the Review Web Site Training Center.  Below you will find topics that are fully explained with details and videos about each section.  Please be sure to read each topic and watch all the videos before you contact us for support on your review web site.  If for any reason you still need assistance, please feel free to contact us at info@ekohgroup.com  Please allow up to 2 business days for responses.  Our support team answers each support request personally, so please be patient and we will respond.
Section 1:  You have your web site, now what?

Topic 1: Understanding how your web site works:

Your web site has multiple businesses that are offered through ClickBank.  These businesses are listed on your web site.  Underneath each business listed, is a button that says "click here to visit", or something of that nature. Each button has a link to the business with your ClickBank tracking ID in it.  This is so that when they click on the button to visit, you get credit for the referral if they purchase.

Even if they don't purchase right then, you can still receive credit if they come back up to 90 days later. This is due to the tracking cookie that ClickBank uses.  When the customer purchases, you are paid a percentage of the sale.  This amount of money is sent to your ClickBank account and you can see if any sales were made when you log in to your account.

Topic 2: What do I do with my Web Address?  Where do I put it?

You will send people to the web address we registered for you, through your advertising efforts. This web address is located on your member page.  No matter how you advertise, just remember that your web address is where you send people.
Section 2:  Approved advertising methods

Below, we will discuss all approved methods of advertising your review site.  These are mainly in place for your protection and also the web servers that host your web site.

Approved Method #1:

Pay Per Click campaigns such as: Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK are all approved methods of advertising your review site. 

Approved Method #2:

Posting your web address on blogs, posts and social networking sites like Twitter are approved methods of advertising your review site.

Approved Method #3:

Posting a classified ad on various sites is also an approved method.

Approved Method #4:

Offline advertising methods are also approved.  For example: newspapers, flyers, and other forms of offline advertising.

Approved Method #5:

OPT-IN email lists.  Notice that we said OPT-IN.  SPAM IS NOT TOLERATED AND WILL CAUSE IMMEDIATE WEB SITE SHUT DOWN.  You will also be fined by us if you send out spam as defined in our TOS. Opt-in lists are when someone chooses to receive mailings from you.  Spamming, is buying a list of email addresses that did not choose to receive emails from you.
Section 3:  NOT Approved advertising methods

Below, we will discuss methods that are NOT APPROVED for use with your review site.

NOT Approved Method #1:


NOT Approved Method #2:

Paid site hits.  Let me be more specific because there are a lot of companies out there that are selling this junk, and they make it sound really good.  For example, if you see one of the multiple sites out there offering "1000 to 100,000 targeted people to your web site", DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM! They are the scum of the earth.  They pay people to visit your site.  These people want nothing to do with what you are offering.  I repeat, these visits are from people that want nothing to do with what you are offering.  This means, they will not read or buy anything on your site.  They also use robot programs that visit your site to deliver the traffic you bought.  I  have never sold anything to a robot. We can easily tell if anyone has purchased one of these programs.  It is a waste of your money, so don't do it.
Section 4: Our Advertising Recommendations

Below are some of the successful ways people have promoted their web site:

The Best NEW Way We Just Discovered:

Here at Ekoh Group, we are always looking for ways to help you get results.  Recently, we came across some of the best advice we ever read about how to promote your web site online.  The best thing about this is that you can promote your web site for free!  Also, the advice works well.  The Author of the program makes $65,000 a month promoting other peoples products.  This is exactly what you are doing. You are promoting other peoples products with your review site.  With his training, you will not need to spend money using Google Adwords or any other Pay Per Click advertising.  To learn about his training program that is perfect for your review site, click here.

Pay Per Click

There are many search engines trying to compete with Google Adwords.  Although, we do admit they are the big dog, they are also very quirky with all of their new policies and rules.  We suggest you give them a try, but maybe after you try some others first.  The best one to try first is the methods taught by the Author above. 

NOTE:  This is not a guarantee, but as we mention below, some of these search engines will give you a credit if you simply ask....  well, in the right way.  For example, about a year ago, we contacted Ask.com and told them that Yahoo was offering a $50 credit. We then asked if they would offer a credit if we decided to sign up with them, and they said sure.  So hey, it doesn't hurt to do some negotiating!

#1 Yahoo Search Marketing - $25 free credit!

Now offering a $25 credit to first time account holders. Although you need to deposit $30 into your account, it is still $25 in free advertising!

#2 MIVA - $25 Free Credit!

They are a good search engine with over 2 billion searches a month. You can get the free credit by opening an account with them and depositing $25.  Again, when they are matching your deposit with a free $25 credit, it is a good deal.

#3 Microsoft Ad Center

MSN has improved their PPC division. It is definitely something to try.  They are not offering any credits, but you can always call them and ask anyway.  Maybe if you mention you are thinking of going to Google Adwords they will try to keep you!

#4 Ask.com

Ask.com gets a lot of good traffic daily.  The last time we spoke to them, they did say they would give us a credit. We mentioned that we were thinking of signing up with Yahoo and they were offering a $50 credit.  I think you are starting to get the point.  You can negotiate with these companies!

#5 Google Adwords

Listen, we have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Google and here is why:  Although we do feel like it is the best search engine to use, they also have their quirks that makes newcomers scared to death.  They have been on a policy changing warpath lately, and that bothers us. However, you may like them just fine.  Here are some things to look out for if you give them a shot:

Google Adwords Issues:

Issue #1: Landing Page Quality

A few months ago, Google decided that even if your customers love your web site, Google may hate it.  Well, their Google Bots I mean.  Whenever you have a web site that you use with Adwords, they send out an Adwords Bot that scans your site. If it doesn't like a few things, it will give you a poor landing page quality score, and they will not show your ads.  How's that for a punch in the cheek?!

For example, we've had sites that were running a click-through rate of over 15%, which means people love our ads, and a conversion rate of over 6%, which means people love our site. Although we had these great results, Google stopped displaying our ads because they said it had a poor landing page quality.  On top of that, there was no clear answer on how to change our web sites to improve this.  That is what frustrated us.  We are not saying not to use them, some people only use them, but be prepared if you do.  This is why we strongly urge you to try the first method we suggest first.

Issue #2: Google Adwords Scary WARNING Message!
(Scary to those that don't understand why they are warning you.)

I only know about this because of a small number of emails we received from people telling us about it.  Here is what the message states:

"WARNING:  People that begin campaigns in this category have been show to lose money.  If you wish to continue with your Adwords account click below."

I haven't seen the exact message, but that is the basic idea.

Here is the low down on it.  There are people every day opening Adwords Accounts, that are advertising one of the thousands of programs that offer ways to make money from home.  Here is the problem, 95% of them jump into it without learning anything about it, so they do lose money.  You will not be one of those people. If you choose to use Adwords, we suggest you read the free training program included below.  This is a great training program that will teach you the basics of using Adwords, and how to spend as little as possible.


In my opinion, Google Adwords should display this message to everyone that signs up for a new account.  The fact is this, no matter what you may be advertising, anyone can lose money if they do not understand it.  Whether it is "How to make money from home" or "How to buy a car".

So, in closing, Adwords is just frustrating sometimes.  The best new way we know that works for other review site members is the first method we mention.  This is a training program that teaches you how to promote your site for free.  To learn more about it, click here.

Free Advertising Methods:

Whoa! Did we say free?!  I know it's hard to believe, but with a little work, you can promote your web site for free.  We have been told by members doing so that if you spend enough time researching it you can find all kinds of ways.  Here are some ideas:

Idea #1: Our first suggestion above

Again, the best way we know is the training program we just discovered.  It is almost perfectly designed for use with review sites.  He will teach you how to deliver great traffic to your site for free.  This isn't just any ol' traffic, this is traffic that will want what you are promoting!  To learn more, click here now!

Idea #2: When you email people everyday stuff, put your web address at the bottom of the email.

Idea #3: Look for free classified ads online. There are plenty of those too.

Idea #4: Spend the day researching ways to advertise online. You may find ideas we never thought of!

Section 5 - Resources To Help You

Below are some additional resources for you to use to help you.

Resource #1: Adwords For Beginners Training Program

If you choose to use Adwords, this will really help you get a grasp of their advertising program.  Adwords For Beginners.com has been great in helping us with all of the videos you see on our site.  To visit the program now, click the link below:

There is a password to view the Adwords ebook, that password is: 20062007

Link:  Adwords For Beginners

Resource #2: New videos on Google Adwords By Adwords For Beginners.

These videos will give you a look at a couple of different things.  These videos are designed specifically for members of this program.  You will not see them anywhere else!

Google Adwords Videos Below:

Video #1:  Signing up with Google Adwords

Watch a video on signing up with Google Adwords. Click Here to watch now.

Video #2:  Selecting keywords

Watch a video on how they select Keywords.  Click Here to watch now.

Video #3:  Designing relevant ads.

Watch a video on how they write ads for their Keywords.  Click Here to watch now.
Section 6:  Special offers for review site members only

Below you will find the available upgrades for your review web sites.  These options are designed to allow you to earn even more money with your review web site.  Click on each option to learn more how the upgrade can earn you more money.  If you have any questions regarding any of the available upgrades, please feel free to let us know.

Upgrade 1:
Add custom banners and advertisements to your review web site.  This will allow you to offer even more products on your web site.  Many of our clients do very well by choosing specific companies to add their banners to their review web sites.  The average client using this upgrade earns $688 extra per month with banner ads.  Click here to learn more.

Upgrade 2:
Google Adsense has been known in the affiliate marketing world as a very good way to generate income from traffic to your web site.  By adding AdSense, you will earn commissions from every click that is generated from your web site.  The average client using this upgrade earns $344 additional income every week.  Click here to learn more.
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