How Affiliate Marketing Works

Since affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a vendor and the affiliate marketer, the affiliate is using their efforts to promote a link to the merchant's web site.  In exchange for the affiliates efforts, the merchant pays a commission to the affiliate on all sales generated by their promotional efforts.   In order for the merchant to tell where the sale came from, they need to track the traffic to their site.  To do this, they assign each affiliate a personal link to their site.  This is done with what is called a HopLink.
Let's go over some definitions of some terms first, so you don't get lost:

Affiliate:  Someone who promotes someone else's product.
Vendor:  Someone who creates a product for Affiliates to promote.
Digital Product: A non physical product, such as information, delivered online.
eBook:  Another name for a digital product.
ClickBank: The best company used by affiliates to promote products
ClickBank Marketplace:  A list of all products available for you to promote inside ClickBank's web site.
Pitch Page:  The main page of the products web site you are promoting that has their products sales pitch on it.
HopLink:  Your tracked link to the vendors product you are promoting. This is how you receive credit for the sale.
Commission:  The money you earn as a result of a sale of the product you are promoting.
Nickname: This is your account nickname that differentiates you from other affiliates.

Now that you have an understanding of the terms, here is a basic example of how an affiliate earns money, using a product listed on ClickBank.

We chose to take some information off of ClickBank's web site to explain this, again.  Anything we add, will be in blue text throughout.
Build a Professional Looking Website with

Below is a list of topics that we will cover.  Click on any of the topics and jump directly to that section.  Otherwise, simply scroll down this page. We recommend that you read the entire page.
Why Affiliate Marketing? - Benefits

There are many benefits to being an affiliate marketer. Of course, the biggest benefit to being an affiliate marketer is the high income potential.  Your only limitation to the amount that you can make is the level of effort you put forth, and your desire to succeed.

Another benefit is the fact that there is nearly no start-up costs or set-up costs.  You don't have to absorb the costs of producing a product to sell.  Producing a product that is going to convert well can cost you not only a lot of money, but the time commitment involved is also very high.  Some of these products took millions to create. This is something you can avoid.  You also don't have to hire employees.  One of the biggest expenses for a lot of companies is payroll.  When you promote someone else's product, they handle all of the customer support needed.

Also, unlike a brick and mortar business, you never have any inventory to worry about and you never have to ship any products.  That is all taken care of by the business you become an affiliate for.  Therefore, these expenses are other costs that you need not worry about.  They are both handled by the company you partner with.

Aside from minimal, or no costs, other benefits include the fact that you will be working from home and get to set your own hours.  There is no set office or location you have to report to on a daily basis.  You work when you want to work, not when someone else tells you you need to work.  Not only that, but because of the nature of the Internet, affiliate marketing is a business that can run non-stop every day, all year round.  This means you can continue to earn on weekends and holidays.  Plus, you can work in a global market, since the Internet reaches people from all over the world. 

There is minimal risk involved in being an affiliate marketer.  Since there is little cost involved, there is little risk.  Also, you are never tied down to any one specific product.  There are no contracts, so you never have to continue with a product if it is not converting into sales for you.  You don't have to waste your time promoting a product that is not going to produce commissions for you.  If one product is not working for you, you can always drop it, and choose a different product.  You are never obligated to keep a product if it is not worth your time or effort.  Simply stop promoting the ineffective products and start promoting new ones instead.

You will frequently hear the term "autopilot" when reading programs and doing research about being an affiliate marketer.  This is because once you get your business foundation in place, your promotions and website (if you choose to have one) will run by themselves with very little maintenance on your part.  This means you will continue to earn money even when you're not working.  In fact you will be amazed when you wake up in the morning and find out how much you made while you were sleeping!

Although we list it last, one of the top benefits to affiliate marketing is that affiliate programs are free to join.  It will cost you nothing but your time and effort.  You can start working immediately after joining an affiliate program.  You don't even need previous experience to succeed.  Our affiliate programs provide support to you, and give you all the tools you need to start your promotional efforts.  This web page is also designed to help you with your efforts, and get you started on the right foot.

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and most reliable business opportunities available on the Internet today!  You can moonlight as an affiliate in your spare time, and still earn a great deal of money.  There is no need to quit your current full time job.
Affiliate marketing is the process of taking someone else's products or services, and promoting that product or service to potential customers in exchange for a commission, when a sale occurs. Being an affiliate is all about partnering with a company that offers a product to people, and you sharing their profits for helping them generate sales.  The amount of money that you make depends on how the company that you partner with has set up their program. You usually make a percentage of the sale.  Most companies pay between 20% to 40%. If you are fortunate, you will find companies that pay more than 40%. The good news is, the programs we list here all pay over 40%!

All you have to do is send people to the business that you partnered with's website.  When that person buys the product, you get a percentage of the sale.  That's it. We are going to help educate you on how to send them shortly.

For example, you came to this page because you bought one of our products through ClickBank, or simply found us in their marketplace.  Chances are high, if you purchased our product, you were sent to the product by an affiliate. This affiliate made a portion of the sale when you purchased.  Each sale the affiliate makes, they are paid a commission. In some cases, you can earn $68.00 per sale!
You can promote the product in various places, such as in a blog, on a social networking profile, through email marketing (NOT SPAM), through article marketing, etc...  In fact, you can promote that product almost anywhere.  We are going to give you some suggestions for this in a moment.

Affiliate marketing programs are described as a win-win situation for both the merchant (owner of the product) and the affiliate, due to the pay-for-performance structure.

All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program of the product that you would like to promote.  Doing so is FREE and easy, taking only minutes!  Once you sign up for the program to become an affiliate, you create a link to the product that you chose to promote.  Creating this link is very easy, and we will walk you through how to do this.

Becoming an affiliate is a very attractive proposition.  Anyone can become an affiliate, and you do not need to create a product of your own to make money online.  Also, we are going to give you the resources you need that teach you how to promote products as an affiliate without spending any money.
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Getting Started
The first step to becoming an affiliate is to sign up for a FREE ClickBank account.   They keep track of your sales and they are the ones who will pay you.  Signing up is free and very easy.  Through all of our experience and research, ClickBank is the best company to use when affiliate marketing.

Although there are hundreds, if not thousands of places for affiliate marketers to find products to promote,  ClickBank is the one-stop shop.  You truly do not need any other site to become successful working from home as an affiliate marketer.

Being an affiliate that utilizes the tens of thousands of products listed in their Marketplace is easy to do.  All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account with them.  With your free ClickBank account, they will track all of your sales and pay you a commission for each product you sell.

Every ClickBank product has a commission rate that is set by the vendor, ranging from 1% to 75%. When you drive a sale to that product, ClickBank processes the sale, applies its charges, then calculates the commission rate based on the remaining net sale amount.
For this to happen, you are going to have to create what they call a HopLink.  This is your personal link to the product you are promoting.  The link has your information in it so it can be tracked back to only you.  Anyone sent from your link that buys a product on the vendors website you are promoting, results in you getting paid a commission.  This HopLink is how people are tracked so you get paid if they buy.

Once a prospect clicks on your HopLink, ClickBank will immediately start tracking that individual.  If that person orders their product, you get paid to your ClickBank account within 2 minutes of the completion of the sale.  They make it very easy for all parties involved.

The first step of the affiliate process is to sign up for a FREE ClickBank account.  We have the steps to the sign up process listed below. This is very easy to do.  We provide text and pictures that explain the sign up process, and then a video so you can see how we signed up for an example account.

We are going to provide a link that will send you to ClickBank's sign up page.  When you click on this link, it will open a new window. We suggest that you turn off your pop-up blocker, as this may stop the window from opening.  Once the window opens, please follow our instructions below.

Please begin by clicking here. (This will take you to ClickBank's sign up page in a new window)
The form above, is an example of what you should see when you click on the link above it.

General Information:
The form is very easy to fill out, as you can see. The dark blue text you see in the picture above is what we have added as instructions.

The "Payee Name" is how your checks for your commissions will be made out.  Make sure this is accurate. The other info is basic contact information.

Nickname Directions:
When you get down to "select a nickname", make sure you understand: this nickname will be seen by other people.  We suggest you do not use a name like "gettingpaid".  Also, this is what you will use later on to create your HopLink.  This is also what you will use to log into your account and what ClickBank uses to track your sales.  MAKE SURE YOU WRITE IT DOWN.

Once you type in your account nickname, read over ClickBank's client agreement, like you see in the picture below, and check the box that says "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions."  Make sure you actually read this.  You must be familiar with what you are signing up for.  You don't want any surprises down the road.

When you are finished will all of the above steps, click the "Submit" button. This will take you to the next page. See directions below for the next step.
Below, is the second part of the instructions.  Please make sure you read them all and follow along.  If you feel like you are not understanding it, the ClickBank Sign Up Video is next.
Once you click the "submit" button on the first page, you will come to the page you see above.  You will need to check your email for the next instructions.

The email will be from  If you do not see it within 5 minutes of when you submitted the form, check your spam or junk folder.

You will have two pieces of information you need in this email.  The first is your confirmation code.  Copy this or write it down.  The next piece of information will be a link you need to click on to finish your confirmation.

Once you click on the link they provide you, you will come to a page like the second one below.  You need to paste or type the code from your email in the first box.  Then, you will need to type the text showing in the box at the bottom of the page you are on.  Do not type in the code that you see in our example!  It will not work on your page.
Once you click "finish" on the last page, you will see a Signup Complete page.  It is very important that you either print the page or write down the information that is given.  You will need this information later in this program.  This should conclude your ClickBank signup process.

The following video will go over the steps that we just covered.  If you followed the steps above, you do not need to watch this video.  If you did not understand the instructions above, you may watch the ClickBank sign up video below by clicking on the play button in the middle of the video.  Once you click on the play button it may take a minute to load.

Now you need to set up your HopLink.  This is a pretty simple step.  You need only two things when figuring out your HopLink:

Your ClickBank Nickname.  (You created this when you signed up for your FREE ClickBank account.)

The product's ClickBank Nickname.

Once you have these two pieces of information, putting them together is very simple.  You already have your ClickBank Nickname, since you just signed up for your account.  The only other piece of information you need is the product's ClickBank Nickname.  Below is a list of successful products that we have a partnership with and their nicknames.  We have had great success promoting these products, and recommend you promote them as well.  They have great track records for selling well.  We will discuss these products in more detail in the next section.  That way you can make an educated decision about which one/s you want to promote.

The product is listed first, followed by its nickname. The nickname is in blue.

Cash Power Course = cpcourse
Ekoh Group LLC = ekohllc
Paid 4 Tweetin = pd4tweetn
Six Figure Yearly = sixfigprog
Home Job Group = homejobgp
AdWords for Beginners = ad4beginer
Classified Surveys = clssurvey

Now that you have both Nicknames, yours and the products, you are ready to construct your HopLink.

Part 1: Write down the following: http://
Part 2: Write down your ClickBank Nickname directly after that
Part 3: Write a period directly after your ClickBank Nickname (.)
Part 4: Write the products Nickname directly after the period
Part 5: Write a period directly after the products Nickname (.)
Part 6: Directly after the period, write down: hop
Part 7: Write down a period directly after that (.)
Part 8: Directly after the period, write down: ClickBank
Part 9: Write down a period after that (.)
Part 10: Directly after the period, write down: net/

NOTE: There are no spaces anywhere in this web address. Keep that in mind.

For Example:  If your Nickname was bigjohn and you were promoting Cash Power Course, your HopLink would look like this:

Below is a short video that show you how to create your hoplink.  This video was taken form the AdWords For Beginners program.
<a href="">Flash Required</a>
Flash Required

The products that were mentioned above, (those that we have a partnership with) are recommended for good reason.  Not only have we had great luck promoting these products, but they are quality products that sell extremely well.

The reason for our success, comes down to how these products handle their customers.  Each of the products that we have partnered with offer superior customer support.  They all have email support teams to answer all questions and help out all of their customers and affiliates that ask for help.  The better support there is, the less refunds there are.

Also, each product's support team diligently goes after refund request.  They try to save as many sales as they can, and support the customer so that they are not tempted to ask for refunds in the first place.  This is all in attempt to make sure you keep the money you make for your efforts.  They know that the more successful you are as an affiliate, and the happier you are with their service, the more successful they will be in return.

Due to their efforts through customer support, and their knack for saving refund requests, each of our partnering products have extremely low refund rates.  This keeps more money in your pocket, and you have less chance of losing it due to charge backs caused by refunds.

The products listed that have recurring fees (Six Figure Yearly, Ekoh Group, Home Job Group) are excellent choices of products to promote.  This is because their rebills typically continue for a long time.  In fact, their average customer pays their monthly subscriptions for an average of 7 months.  This means extra money in your pocket, just for helping to create the initial sale.  In fact, some customers are still paying their subscriptions after 2 years.  The more sales you make, the more you can make each month they pay their service fee, and this is with no extra effort on your part!

Below, is a list of all the products we recommend and all their important statistics to help you decide which to promote first.  Remember, we have had great success with ALL of these products.  Click the thumbnail to view the product.

Now that you know how to create your HopLink, the question is "How do I promote my HopLink?"  Believe it or not, this is easy to do as well.

There are many ways that you can market your products for free.  The most popular ways to promote your product are with social networking, such as Twitter and FaceBook, blogging, or article marketing.

Here is a brief description about how to use article marketing and blogging effectively.  For a more detailed program on how to effectively promote products through social networking, refer to our recommendation below.  We have had new employees use this course and started making, on average, $120.00 a day.

There are three steps involved, and they are as follows:

Step 1:  Set Up A Blog At is one of the most popular blogging sites available to the public.  It is very user friendly, and easy to set up your blog site.  However we don't recommend it simply because it is easy to use.

Blogger has a huge reach!  There are so many people using Blogger that you will have a higher likelihood of someone finding your site with little effort on your part.  That is if you set it up correctly.

Also, Blogger is going to help with your Search Engine Optimization for your site.  This is because Blogger has a great ranking in Google.  Having them linked to your site is going to help with your Google ranking as well.

Follow the steps below to sign up for your Free Blogger account now:

1.  Go to and click on the big orange "Create A Blog" button at the right.

2.  On the next screen, fill out the form with all the required fields filled in.  Even if you have an existing Google account, you will want to create a new one for this step.

  • Type in an active email address
  • Create a Password.
  • Create a Display Name.  (This is the signature name that will be displayed when you post to your blog.)
  • Choose whether or not you want to receive email updates or not.
  • Enter your Birthday.
  • Type in the jumbled letters as displayed.
  • Accept the Terms of service.
  • Click "Continue".

3.  Fill out the form for naming your blog.  You will want to create a blog title.  This should relate to the product or site you are going to be promoting.

Next, you will want to create  your blog address.  Ideally, you will want to use a keyword phrase someone might type in a search engine to find information about your niche.  For example, if your product is piano lessons, you may choose as your address.

Click on "continue" to go to the next screen.

4.  Next, you will want to choose a template for your blog.  Choose your favorite from the available templates, and click "Continue".
Your Blog is now created!  You can start Blogging.

For your blog post, you are going to want to write a 300-500 word article to post to your blog.  Write about your product, or the niche your product falls into.  This article should have your keyword phrase mentioned 3-5 times throughout.
Your keyword phrase is anything you feel that relates to your product that people may type into a search engine to find information about your product or niche.  Remember you want to make your blog searchable.  People should be able to find it if they are searching for the information you are providing.

Finally, create TWO links from the keyword phrases in your article to your product's page.  No more, no less.

Step 2:  WordPress MU (multi-user)

WordPress is an open source blog publishing application.  What this means to you is that you can piggyback an existing blog that already has a good page ranking.  This will boost the ranking of your site.

Now that you have your Blogger blog set up, and your 1st article written, it is time to write a second article.  You do not want to duplicate your content for this.

Your second article should be of similar content to the first one with keyword phrases about your product.  Just like the first one.
Now that your article is written, you are going to want to create 10 different variations to that article.  To do this, you can use one of many article rewriters that are available.  Some examples include:,,, or 

These rewriters will "spin" your original article into different variations by changing specific words.  This will give you different variations of your article so that you do not have duplicate content for the next step.  

Now that you have your second article with 10 different variations, you will want to find 10 different niche related WordPress MU blogs.  Do this by typing in your niche or topic into your search engine with "powered by WP-MU" after your search topic.

This will produce a list WordPress MU blogs that you can piggyback.  Start from the top of the list, and create a user account at each one.  Do this by clicking on each blog and find the "sign up" link.  If there is no visible place to sign up, try to cut the "fluff" off of the URL down to "wp-signup.php".  Once your create your account at the blog, post one of your 10 spun articles.  Your keyword phrase should this time link back to your Blogger site using anchor text, not your actual web site.

Repeat this process until you have all 10 articles posted.

Step 3:  Repeat the Above Process With a New Article.

1.  Publish a new post at your site with a new article.
2.  Write a second article.
3.  Spin the second article 10 times.
4.  Sign up for 10 WordPress MU accounts relating to your niche.
Can your own website increase your income?

Although it is not necessary for your success as an affiliate, the best way to maximize your profits is to have your own web site. The information that is outlined above does not include having a web site.  However, if you follow the more detailed steps in The Affiliate Code you are going to want one.  

What we have had the highest amount of success with is what we call a review website.  Lets explain exactly what that is so you understand:

About 2 years ago, we discovered a technique that increases what Affiliate Marketers earn by over 500%!  We called it a review web site.

Here is what we did...

We went through thousands of home business educational programs and sorted the good from the bad.  Then, we found companies that independently reviewed them.  We put a web site together listing these businesses and also the independent reviews.  We then tested our idea by advertising the review web site along side the businesses web site.  We found that the review web site converted sales 500% better then just sending people right to the companies web sites!  Click here to see an example of what a review site looks like.

In our first month using the review web site we created, we made a whopping $37,962.00.  Our second month was almost double that.  Once we knew that this method worked, we began offering review sites to the public.  Since then, we have changed the lives of a lot of people.  Ordinary people that didn't have success with affiliate marketing before.  We set it all up for you so you can just promote your site on blogs or whatever you choose. You can get paid on multiple products instead of just promoting one.  To learn more about having us build one for you, click here.  You can also build one on your own.  It is not to difficult, although most decide to have us do it after they dive into it.

Here are three options regarding whether or not you want a web site:

  • Option 1. Choose to not build a review site.  At this point in time this option is selected only 1% of the time.  Although this way is quick, your results will not be close to what they could be. 

  • Option 2. Choose to build your own review web site and increase your results. Recommended for those of you who have some design skills and can follow along in the videos on how to do it.  This option is selected 6% of the time.  This would be medium difficulty.  You will have better results than not doing one at all if the site you build has a professional appearance.  If this is your choice, continue reading the how to create your own site instructions below.

  • Option 3. Choose to learn more below about our limited offer to build a review site for you. We build you your choice of the most successful review sites online! These sites ethically make over $1,050,000 a month. This will maximize your results to the fullest.  This option makes the most sense to people and is selected 93% of the time.  This is designed with the beginner in mind. We do all of the work and it looks professional.

If you are choosing option 2, you're probably wondering where can I build my site?  We use a company called Homestead.  They offer a 30 day FREE trial.  This is great for those that are unsure.  You can try it out for a month for FREE.  If after that time you don't like it or feel it is not for you, you can always cancel and not pay a dime.  Click on the banner link below to learn more about Homestead's FREE trial now!
Option 3: Have us build it for you (Most Popular Choice)

Don't want to build a site but like the sound of a review site?  You can have one built for you!  Most people choose option 3 because instead of promoting each product individually, you only need to promote the review site.  Not only does it allow you to have a web site, but you will be promoting several products on a professionally made site that converts.  These products are the same as the ones we mentioned earlier.  We have a partnership with these other products and to date as a group, have paid out over $2.5 million in commissions over the past several years.  Choosing this option will allow you to feel comfortable that your choice was the right one. You don't have to worry if building your own review site will be good enough, you will KNOW it is good!

This option is to have a review site that will direct people to the sites you are promoting through your hoplink. Once people arrive at your review site, they are typically offered a handful of suggested programs.  Each program that is listed on the review site has a link after the review, to that specific product with your hoplink embedded into it.

Why does this make a difference?  Consumers know, that with all of the online businesses opportunities to choose from, 99% of them are worthless.  An independent review of the product goes a long way.  With an independent review of the product, people will have a better feeling about the product or service itself.  Once they feel more comfortable with it, there is a better chance more people will purchase it. Having a review site increases the trust in your potential customers, which helps move them along in the buying process.

Those that choose for us to build a review site for them, have had results up to 500% better than those with no review site at all, and 400% better than those who built their own!  Why?  Because they are the best on the Internet.  These review sites, which we are able to offer you to use, spent years and millions of dollars ($1,000,000's) researching and developing their web sites.  They work well and sell well.

The reason these review sites are so effective is because it is a lot easier to make a decision based on other people's experiences.  We get a majority of our sales for Ekoh Group through review sites.

With a review site created by Ekoh Group, you will automatically be promoting up to 10 products.  That is more money in your pocket!  Having a review site gives you the option of promoting several products all at once.  This will help you to create multiple streams of income.  You will no longer have to rely on just one company to make money.  The more choices people have, the more likely they are going to find something they want. Remember, we are trying to make you as successful as possible!

The final advantage, if you are promoting multiple products is, you only have to run a single advertising campaign for that particular review site.  You will not need to run a different campaign for each separate product that you choose to promote.

If you are ready to learn more about having us build a review site for you, and take advantage of the opportunity that has made others very successful, click here.

Closing thoughts

Every year, more and more people become successful affiliate marketers.  So what is there secret? Are they brilliant?  There is no secret, and they are not brilliant.  They just learn their trade like any business person would do.  They are not people that need a constant push from someone else, they are self motivated.  That is hard to get used to for some people, but anyone can learn to be self motivated if they want it bad enough.  Finally, they find good information from people that have had success with affiliate marketing.  We feel as though we provide you a great direction to start and it is all based on our experience in this field.

We wish you all the best in your new venture and please take the information and tools we provide here and use them to their full potential.

Remember the following important recommendations:

The Affiliate Code
Our Review Site Build Service
Product name: Six Figure Yearly

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: sixfigprog
  • Date created: 11.21.2007
  • Total commissions paid out: $1,700,000.00
  • Current refund rate: 8%
  • Initial sale commission: $31.00
  • Up sale commission: $69.00
  • Rebill commission amount: $13.00
  • Total commission possible from one customer: $113.00
Product name: Cash Power Course

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: cpcourse
  • Date created: 7.21.09
  • Total commissions paid out: $42,448.00
  • Current refund rate: 8%
  • Initial sale commission: $31.00
  • Up sale commission: $69.00
  • Rebill commission amount: $13.00
  • Total commission possible from one customer: $113.00
Product name: Ekoh Group LLC

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: ekohllc
  • Date created: 9.12.09
  • Total commissions paid out: $148,235.00
  • Current refund rate: 2%
  • Initial sale commission: $69.00
  • Up sale commission: $0.00
  • Rebill commission amount: $13.00
  • Total commission from one customer: $82.00
Product name: Home Job Group

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: homejobgp
  • Date created: 12.27.07
  • Total commissions paid out: $198,965.00
  • Current refund rate: 9%
  • Initial sale commission: $7.00 to $46.00
  • Up sale commission: $17.00 to $23.00
  • Rebill commission amount: $7.00
  • Total commission possible from one customer: $76.00
Product name: Classified Surveys

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: clssurvey
  • Date created: 1.8.08
  • Total commissions paid out: $79,331.00
  • Current refund rate: 1.5%
  • Initial sale commission: $23.00
  • Up sale commission: N/A
  • Rebill commission amount: N/A
  • Total commission from one customer: $23.00
Product name: Paid 4 Tweetn

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: pd4tweetn
  • Date created: 7.21.09
  • Total commissions paid out: $20,317.00
  • Current refund rate: 3%
  • Initial sale commission: $6.00
  • Up sale commission: N/A
  • Rebill commission amount: N/A
  • Total commission from one customer: $6.00
Product name: Adwords For Beginners

  • Programs ClickBank nickname: ad4beginer
  • Date created: 11.27.07
  • Total commissions paid out: $36,781.00
  • Current refund rate: 0%
  • Initial sale commission: $22.60
  • Up sale commission: $69.00
  • Rebill commission amount: $13.00
  • Total commission from one customer: $97.60
Remember how to use the information above to create your hoplink?  Lets recap it real quick. Lets say, for example, you are going to promote Six Figure Yearly.  You would need that products nickname which is "sixfigprog".  You would also need your ClickBank nickname. Lets say, for example, your nickname was "johndoe".  With these two pieces of information, your hoplink would look like the following:

Remember, do not use the example above, it is JUST AN EXAMPLE.  Yours would have your own nickname in it. You would replace the johndoe in red with yours.  You can not do this on this page, we suggest you write it down.

Once you complete creating your hoplink, you are ready to start promoting. 
Here’s a simple overview of how ClickBank commissions work:

  • You find a product to promote and create a customized HopLink. (We will explain the best way to do this, shortly)
  • You promote the product online. (We will explain the best way to do this, for free)
  • A customer clicks on your HopLink, goes to the vendor’s web site, and either purchases or does not purchase the product. 
  • ClickBank processes the sale and gives you credit for promoting the sale.
  • Your commission is calculated based on the net sale price (see below) and credited to your account within two minutes of the sale.

How Commissions Are Calculated and Reported

Every ClickBank product has a commission rate that is set by the vendor, ranging from 1% to 75%. When you drive a sale to that product, ClickBank processes the sale, applies its charges, then calculates the commission rate based on the remaining net sale amount. Here’s an example of how much you’ll earn on a one-time purchase product with a 50% commission rate:

Below example is for a one time commission product. Next, we will discuss recurring billing (rebill) products.

Retail Price: $29.95
Subtract 7.5% + $1: -$3.25
Net Sale Amount: $26.70
50% of Remainder: $13.35

Therefore, as the referring affiliate for this sale, you would earn $13.35.

Commissions for recurring billing (rebill) products are slightly different.  Recurring billing products are any type of product that repeatedly bills customers on a regular schedule. 

The most obvious reason for affiliates to promote recurring billing products is that affiliates will continue to earn a commission every time the customer is billed, for the life of the subscription. Depending on how long the customer subscribes to the product, and how frequently they are billed, this means that you as an affiliate could earn regular commissions as often as bi-weekly for months or years at a time!

Since you only have to promote a recurring billing product once to be eligible for these repeating commissions, recurring billing products can be extraordinarily profitable to promote. Best of all, they’re just as easy to promote than any other product in the ClickBank Marketplace. You just create a HopLink like any other product, and if the customer signs up for a subscription or rebill, you keep earning commissions for as long as the subscription is renewed.
Getting Paid

Obviously, the goal of being an affiliate is to get paid for your efforts. To receive your first commission payment, there are two requirements:

  • You must reach your payment threshold, which you set in your ClickBank Account Settings. (We will show you how to do this during the sign up video)
  • You must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement. (This is not a big deal. ClickBank wants to make sure you are not using your account to buy products at a discount.  To avoid this from happening, they require that you have 2 sales with different types of credit cards such as Visa and Master Card. Also, that you have sales from 5 different credit card numbers.)

Once you’ve met these two requirements, you can start receiving payments.

If you’re located in an eligible country, once you’ve received three paper checks from ClickBank within a 12-week time period, you can start receiving payment via direct deposit. Once you become eligible for direct deposit, you can specify this as your payment method in Account Settings->Payment Information. If you are not within a country supported by direct deposit you may be eligible to receive wire payments.

Refunds and Chargebacks

One question you may have is whether you will still receive your affiliate commission if the product is returned or if the customer requests a chargeback on the purchase. Unfortunately, the answer is no. All money is returned to the customer, so the vendor and affiliate must return their portions of the sale as well.  ClickBank handles this automatically.  Any refunds or chargebacks against the products you are promoting are taken out of the your next check.

Because of the 60-day return period for all ClickBank products, they utilize a return allowance to cover the possibility of returns.

Q: I misspelled my ClickBank nickname in my HopLink and I know I’ve made sales! Can I get that money?  (Just don't let this happen and you will avoid the problem. We explain this step exactly. It is ok that you may be confused about it at this time)

A: Possibly. If the misspelled nickname you used belongs to another ClickBank user, we cannot transfer that money to your account. However, if the misspelled nickname does not belong to anyone else, you can contact customer service for access to that account. All sales made using that nickname will be listed in the account’s sales reporting, even though the account did not exist when the sales were made. However, we cannot transfer money from that account to your main account.

Q: Can vendors cheat affiliates by “undoing” the commission on a sale, or by pretending that a sale was returned?

A: No. Unlike some other affiliate networks, ClickBank handles all sales processing and commission tracking, so vendors cannot attempt to avoid paying commission on a sale. If a vendor approves a refund on a sale, they lose their portion of the sale as well, so there is no incentive for them to pretend that a sale has been refunded.

This is the end of the information taken from the ClickBank website.
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