Google Adwords Campaign Manager
Brought to you by our partner, Flipworks Media
Here is how the program works.  Now that your review site is completed, you can choose your package with them that will allow you to maximize your exposure on the search engines without costing you a fortune. 

Getting started with a new Google Adwords account is not only tough but can be very expensive.  In order to appear on the first page, a new account must bid very high for the keywords that draw the biggest search results.  These clicks can be in excess of over $4.00 per click.  With those kind of rates, making money with your review pages is not only very difficult but it is next to impossible. 

Many of our clients were losing money and ended up quitting after the first month. We saw this as a huge issue and had to be addressed immediately.  You have already made the decision to make a change in your life, quitting after your first month not only means losing money you have spent to get started, but its really cheating yourself out of the success you are entitled to and the money our review web sites will generate. 

FlipWorks Media has created a program for our clients that will allow them to simplify the Google Adwords learning process.  In fact, you will not have to learn anything, they will manage your Google Adwords campaigns for you! 

FlipWorks Media and their clients, on average, spend over $250,000 in just Google Adwords every month!  That is why we feel they are true experts in this field.  With Google being the number one search engine in the world, being in the top 3 positions in the work from home field and home business opportunities industry is crucial.  They continually maintain those positions with their clients.  On average they can get a cost per click down from over $4.00 to under $0.30 per click.  This is the advantage that we mentioned that without using them, it is next to impossible to get your ads seen at these low of rates.

Lets look at how this can really affect you and your review web site.  Below you will see an example of what a typical new campaign will generate and what it will cost versus using a package with FlipWorks Media.
As many of you may know, dealing with Google has almost become a full time job!  With the ever changing policies and systems Google has in place, they have made it difficult for the average or beginner affiliate marketer to be successful.  We understand that most of our clients are still in the learning phases of affiliate marketing, and trying to master Google Adwords is no easy challenge.  In an industry like this, where things are always changing, we have partnered with an outside company called FlipWorks Media, that specializes in just this. 

They specialize strictly in affiliate marketing and advertising.  Their strong emphasis on Google Adwords and Yahoo Search will allow our clients to gain all the benefits of their skills without having to pay a fortune.  We have been working with this company on many different ventures for the last 5 years and have built an excellent relationship with them.  The services they offer their clients and ours is beyond any other company out there. 

They will guide you to success using Google Adwords and Yahoo Search.  We have negotiated the best available programs for you so all you have to do is choose the package which is right for you, the rest is handled by them. 
Less money, more conversions. That is the result
of using Flipworks Media.
Do-It-Yourself  VS. Using Flipworks Media

Typical work from home ad campaign:

Keywords used - work from home, make money online, home business opportunity
Monthly budget - Average new account budget of $300 per month (only $10.00 per day)
A typical new account pricing of $3.35 per click

Daily Traffic = 3 Clicks per day or 90 Clicks per month.
Closing ratio of 10% and average earnings per sale of $35.00
You could generate 9 sales and earn a total of $315.00 in commissions.
Your total profit for the month would have been $15.00 after your advertising cost.
As you can see, the benefits are very clear on how partnering with FlipWorks Media can take your business from complicated and hard to promote on Google, to generating you a good monthly income.  Getting your business up and running is not worth the $15.00 profit and headache of doing this on your own. 

We have learned in this business that having experts do the things that you do not fully understand is the key to success.  After all, we developed your review site simply because we are experienced in web site design and affiliate marketing.  The example above is strictly used based on previous experience.  Remember, your review web sites offer not just one product but multiple products.  This will take your earnings and at least double them since your customers will most likely purchase multiple products, not just one.  Next we will explain the way the packages work with FlipWorks Media's Campaign Manager Program work.

The packages that FlipWorks Media has created will group your web site URL with other clients and place you on a rotation.  This will allow your ads to be displayed more often and all throughout the day versus using your budget in the morning and having your ads not run all day.  The different packages available will earn you more exposure based upon which one you choose.  The Elite package is the most common package they offer.  They will group your ads with only 5 other clients, meaning your ad will show 6 times more often versus  their Beginner package, which will group your ads with 30 other clients.  Using a rotation system allows FlipWorks Media to always have their client's ads running 24 hours a day and never lose the top spots. 

Google ranks ads and cost per click based upon a variety of ways such as: landing page quality, web site relevancy, web site popularity, web site content, click thru rates, conversion percentages, and many other ways.  Learning how to master all of these is very difficult, not to mention is very expensive.  That is why we have created this partnership to help our clients achieve success without the headache and expensive learning process.  Using the program created by FlipWorks Media is only a suggestion, and is not mandatory for your success. 

To learn more about this program and to get started, click on the FlipWorks Media logo below.  If you have any questions about this program, you can email FlipWorks Media directly at  or click here.
With a FlipWorks Media Campaign Manager Program

Typical work from home ad campaign:

Keywords used - work from home, make money online, home business opportunity
Monthly budget - Most common package is Elite.  $299 per month (less than $10.00 per day)
A typical FlipWorks cost of $.29 per click

Daily Traffic = Average of 34 Clicks per day or 1032 Clicks per month.
Closing ratio of 10% and average earnings per sale of $35.00
You could generate 103 sales and earn a total of $3,605 in commissions.
Your total profit for the month would have been $3,307 after your package cost.